Granted, most of the time you open a new package of Kerrygold Irish Cheese made with grass-fed cow’s milk you’ll want to devour it all in one sitting. But for those rare times you may have some leftover, you’ll want to take the proper storage steps to ensure its flavor is preserved.

Here are a few storage tips that will prolong the life of your cheese:

  • The best place to store cheeses is in the warmest part of your refrigerator, usually the vegetable compartment, where it is 35-40 degrees.
  • Cheese should be stored in its original wrapping or container, waxed paper, transparent wrap, foil, plastic bags or tightly covered containers.
  • Cheese will continue to ripen no matter how carefully it is stored. Hard cheeses will keep for several months after opening.
  • Cheese is most true to character when it’s served at room temperature.
  • If you’re serving a cheese that’s being stored in the refrigerator, take it out from the fridge about an hour before serving.
  • If the cheese molds, remove about 1/2″ from the moldy sides. You should eat the rest of the cheese as quickly as possible, within a week.