Camilla Baker

Chef and Blogger

Camilla Baker loves to cook, and has worked as a professional chef for over eighteen years. As a working mother with two young sons, she shares her experiences of food and cooking in her blog Family of Foodies. After training in Tasmania, Australia, Camilla spent more than ten years travelling the world – living and working in London and Edinburgh in the U.K., Florence, Italy, and Chicago in the United States. Her resume includes stints in Terence Conran’s Great Eastern Hotel in London (now called Andaz) as well as Campagnola and Union Pizzeria in Chicago

After living in the US for more than six years, Camilla returned to her native Austrialia in December 2008, and now lives in Sydney with her husband and two young sons. She owns a catering company and has co-authored a book of family meals, “Family of Foodies” with U.S.-based author Jessie Knadler. She shares with us her recipe for Sticky Date Cake (Sticky Toffee Pudding) adapted from a family favorite passed to her by her mother.

Sticky Date Pudding Recipe