Mary Burns

Dairy Farmer and Cheese Maker

In Kanturk, Mary Burns is another one of the farmers who produces extraordinary milk. A farmhouse cheese maker since the 1970s, Burns took on the added responsibility of running the dairy farm with her son Gerald, after the death of her husband in 2000. By continuing the farm, she upholds a family tradition of 150 years. All her cattle are pedigreed Friesians.

The milk from the Burns’ farm, as well as from neighboring farms, is pooled and churned at the local creamery. Together with other co-operatives of dairy farmers and creameries throughout Ireland, butter and cheeses are produced and sold in the United States under the Kerrygold brand.

A visit to Mary Burns’ farm would likely include an invitation to tea, where tender scones, warm and fragrant from the oven, are served with Irish butter and homemade jam. Mary shares her favorite Irish scone recipe. “Don’t forget the Irish butter,” she says. “It has a true creamy texture and a smooth flavor that makes these scones taste their best.”


Mary’s Irish scone recipe