Pesto Snack Bites with Dubliner Cheese Wedges

Game day food does not need to be complicated. Whip up a batch of these 4-ingredient Pesto Snack Bites and see how easy - and flavorful - game day food can be!

Grab-and-go is how we like to roll on game day. Snacks that are simple to serve, easy to eat and don’t require major prep time win in our book every time. Dubliner Cheese Wedges make creating tasty finger food a snap. Each package contains 8 individually wrapped Dubliner Cheese Wedges, so you can create as many - or as few - nibbles as you like. But most importantly, the soft, creamy, easy-to-spread wedges give us that classic Dubliner flavor we know and love. Top each cheesy cracker with a dollop of fresh pesto and a sliver of tomato, and you have a mouthwatering bite that takes only moments to make.



Dubliner Cheese Wedges 


Chopped tomatoes


Spread crackers with Dubliner, top with pesto and garnish with tomato. Serve immediately.

Make ahead tip: You can spread the crackers with cheese, cover and refrigerate until guests arrive. Top crackers with pesto and tomatoes right before serving.